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Outreach and Missions

North Kitsap Baptist Church seeks to carry out God's plan to "make disciples" (Matt. 28:19) both in our local community and around the world, and to uphold in prayer those who "are sent" (Rom. 10:15), as witnesses and evangels of the "good news" in Jesus Christ.


We partner with local organizations to provide assistance to people in our community.  We do "Service First" projects the first Saturday morning of each month, all are welcome to join!

Our Missions Council has primary responsibility for outreach beyond North Kitsap County.  Through the Missions Council we provide ongoing support to over 20 missionaries and missionary agencies. Geographically they span the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia.  The environments in which they work range from jungles to cosmopolitan European and Asian cities.

Some of the missionaries we support were members of our congregation before their call to be a missionary, some are indigenous missionaries in the country of their birth, and others are associated with respected missions agencies.

Mission agencies with which we associate include:

Charteris Foundation | Children of the Nations | Converge Worldwide | Fairchild Fellowship House | Gospel for Asia | International Leadership Development | Navigators | Servant Partners  | WorldVenture | Youth for Christ

At NKBC we feel strongly that all people everywhere need to hear of God’s love and His eternal provision for them.

To help our congregation be a part of what is involved in missionary work we sponsor short term missions trips for hands on experience.  Monthly we have a time in our Sunday services for a missionary to speak or for some other missions emphasis.  Two events which highlight missions work are our annual Spring WorldWideWeek (WWW) at NKBC, and Missions Fest Seattle in the Fall.  For WorldWideWeek we have a missionary or church planter as the featured speaker in our Sunday services and emphasize missions in our home small group meetings.

We encourage you, in Christ's name, as individual members and families, to set aside a time of prayer every day for these dedicated "sent ones" who are doing the work out in the field.  Because some of our missionaries are in harm's way we will not list them here.  You can pick up a recent missionary prayer sheet from the church office.