Growing In Relationship With Each Other

Men, Responding To God's Call, For CHRIST-Centered Living


To foster and grow in relationship with each other as we live and love, learn and labor, lead and follow for the glory of God.


The fellowship desired by God is one of unity for the church body both local and universal. The dynamics of this divine fellowship are being of the same mind, promoting unity with humility and gentleness and seeing others more important than yourself.

Care Ministry

Many of the needs of the NKBC church body will be addressed through this ministry. Some of these needs are on going and some will come up on a daily basis. We have a leadership team in place to minister to these needs with love, man power and confidentiality if required. This ministry is not designed to be a labor ready service, but compassionate care and help for those in need. Contact front office.

Menu Of Additional Focus

Intergenerational -- Disciple/Mentor Coach -- Peacemaking -- Honor & Support For Pastors