Growing In Relationship With The World


Men, Responding To God's Call, For CHRIST-Centered Living


To reveal God's grace and love to our neighbors and community through activities and service projects.

Community Service

Fishline Poulsbo - Repair drainage system

Poulsbo Water Front Trail - Clean-up


National Day Of Prayer

See You At The Pole - This is a student-led movement of prayer revolving around students and families praying together. It involves students of all grades including college. This is a world wide event. Gathering takes place at the local schools flag pole prior to school starting in the AM.

Service First

Kitsap Self-Help Housing - This program is currently recruiting families and individuals to build their homes in Poulsbo. There is not a firm start date, however when the building begins, NKBC through Service First will be providing help and prayer in the building of these needed homes.

Mentoring/Discipleship - Service First is also designed to be an intergenerational/family ministry. This dynamic fosters Godly relationships and provides a mentoring atmosphere.