Growing In Relationship With God


Men Responding To God's Call, For CHRIST-Centered Living


To know God more deeply through study, fellowship and prayer.


Studies & Bible Reading

Provide opportunities for men to participate in meaningful Bible studies. At present, we are offering a Bible study on Tuesday AM, Thursday AM and Saturday AM.

Encourage men to develop a personal daily reading plan and develop a plan of accountability.

Christian Conferences

Provide opportunities for men to fellowship together at conferences such as Iron Sharpens Iron and other conferences as they become available. Develop a strategy of joining with other denominations and groups for community service in the area.

Encourage those who are able to assist in providing funds to those less fortunate that may desire to attend conferences, but would be unable to without assistance.

Instill the need in the more “mature” men to take an interest in the development of the “younger” Christian in order to build a foundation for ministry in the future generation.

Recommended Reading

Develop a “required” and a “recommended” reading list of pertinent literature that will aid in the Christian development to equip men for ministry according to God’s commandments in Scripture.

Put a particular emphasis on developing men to “Lead in the family” and heads of their households and the development of Christian ethics to their children.

Develop and manage a “Men’s Section” in our church library as well as provide information on what is available electronically.


Provide information and encouragement to participate in current opportunities, i.e. church corporate prayer time, church awakening, small groups and prayer chain needs.

Encourage visitation to pray for those in need when desired.

Encourage personal prayer/journaling and sharing what God is doing in your life as an inspiration to others.