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Men's Ministry



Men Responding To God's Call For Christ-Centered Living

Welcome to the men's ministry web page of North Kitsap Baptist Church. Thank you for stopping by to look over our ministry and to see how we might help mobilize you for faithful Christ-centered living. We on the Men's Ministry Leadership Team (MMLT) serve the men who serve the families and the ministry of NKBC. We are committed to helping every man at NKBC "to live the life worthy of his calling" Ephesians 4:1-3. That's our commitment to you!

Our vision is to Bring Together Men Of All Ages To Grow In Relationship With Jesus Christ; Encouraging Each Other To Be Servant Leaders In Our Families, Church and Communities.

We invite you to check out the ministries offered to the men of NKBC. You will find that all these ministries have at the core a focus upon Christ, so you are enjoying spiritual fellowship with others of like mind and purpose.

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve our men. So, if you have an idea or if you would like to join in serving the ministry, please let us know.

Men's Ministry Leadership Team

Email: nk-bc@nk-bc.org
Phone: (360) 779-4689