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Still Trying To Decide On A Church?


At North Kitsap Baptist Church you will:

Worship – to upbeat contemporary or traditional music that will lift you up, not let you down.

Enjoy – exciting children’s programs that will keep them coming back for more.

Experience – dynamic services with messages that are encouraging, practical and make a difference in your life.

Find – authentic answers to the questions and problems of life.


Got Questions? North Kitsap Baptist Church is a safe place to look for answers. Come as you are to our Sunday services to hear, from the Bible, practical solutions to life’s problems.

Fus  "We had never gone to church before. My mom goes to an art class at NKBC and one time she overheard the band practicing. She told me we would probably like the music here. So we came one Sunday to check it out. She was right. And it’s not just the music: the first Sunday we came, we felt like we were home. We were really impressed how Terry always finds a way to relate the sermon to everyday life; he makes it personal and easy to understand. We never miss a Sunday." - Aaron & Stacey Fishel


Clarks  "Our neighbors had been trying to get us to go to church with them for a while. Finally one Sunday we reluctantly came. We had no clue what to expect. We were totally blown away by the worship time and when Terry started talking it was so different from anything we had experienced in churches before. It was so relevant to our lives. We love his sermons. We feel like we have been missing out all these years. We can’t even begin to tell you how it has changed our lives." - Randy & Linda Clark