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Our History

1880 - 1947







In the early 1880's the community of Pearson, WA (near present-day Poulsbo) began to grow, and the people felt the need to worship together.  A piece of land at Pearson Point on Liberty Bay was donated by Mr. Per John Pearson and a church was built.  People came by boat from as far as Lemolo to worship in the little church which eventually became known as the Pearson Baptist Church.  Because traveling by boat to Pearson was particularly hazardous in the winter, the people from Lemolo began holding Sunday School classes in various homes until 1919 when Rev. Uno Brauer donated a plot of ground for a church building.  The entire community took part in the construction of the Lemolo Chapel.  It was dedicated in 1920 and was organized as a Baptist church in 1923.  Over the years both the Pearson and Lemolo churches were closed for lack of funds, but were both reopened from time to time for Sunday School and church worship services. In 1943 Rev Stanley Allen was asked to come to this area and he set about the task of getting the a church re-established on a more permanent basis.

1948 - 1963






By 1948, the Lemolo Church had been refurbished, was organized and dedicated.  The trustees signed the necessary documents transferring the property to the Columbia Baptist Conference. Eventually there was a need for a larger building, and a parcel of property was purchased at Poulsbo Junction on October 8, 1951.  (The building, photo at left, is now the home of Campanas Italian Restaurant).  By Christmas, 1953, the new church was occupied and the "Lemolo Chapel" was renamed "North Kitsap Baptist Church." In 1960 it was decided that the Pearson Baptist Church should be permanently disbanded, and some of the remaining members joined with the North Kitsap Baptist Church, once again bringing the two communities together in fellowship. Rev. Allen served as pastor until 1957.  In 1963 after several interim pastors served the church (Merritt Kline, Amos Lambert, and Roy Sprague), Rev. Ben Cording arrived, and served until 1979.

1963 - 1980

By 1967 it became evident that larger and more improved facilities would soon be needed.  A Long Range Planning Committee was established and they immediately began what was to become a frustrating search for property.  It was not until March 29, 1972, that the Long Range Planning Committee was able to present to the congregation their recommendation that a 5-acre site on Little Valley Road be purchased.  On April 29, 1973, the ground breaking ceremony took place.  In less then ten months, on March 3, 1974, the first service was held in the new church. A dedication service for the new building was held on May 5, 1974.

Our Current Building









1980 - 1993

On November 16, 1980, Rev. Owen Hollingsworth was installed as the new pastor of North Kitsap Baptist Church, serving until his retirement in 1992.

1993 - 1998

On November 21, 1993, Rev. Terry Tharp joined our church as Pastor.  In 1997, it was evident that we again needed more space.  We purchased an 1800 square foot portable classroom in March 1998.The portable is primarily used as our youth room.

1999 - Present

During a five-year campaign called "Forging our Faith and Future", completed in November 2004, the congregation contributed over $500,000 to the Building Fund so we could expand Parking, purchase an additional Portable and purchase 6 acres of adjacent Property behind us that more than doubles our current land space.  We are following a Roadmap into the future to prepare for future growth and impact for the Lord in Kitsap County.